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British NIC - UK Domain Names
All UK Domains are registered for 2 years (price includes Nominet Fees & Vat). All Domains include FREE (no adverts) Web and Email Forwarding.

 .co.uk   .org.uk   .me.uk   .ltd.uk   .plc.uk 

Web Forwarding

To start editing/updating your Web Forwarding, you must select "Web Forwarding" from the menu option next to the name you want to edit, see example below:

1. If you have a "holding page" active at present, but want to now make your web forwarding active, you must make sure that box 1 has a tick in it.

2. You enter the address for where your web site is hosted; you need to make sure you add a full address with the "http://" part at the start. For Example if we wanted to link this domain name to the handbook the full address would be http://www.britishnic.com/handbook/.

3. (optional) This is what you want people to see in the top left hand side of your web browser, if you look up on the top right hand corner of this browser window you will see "British NIC - Handbook", you can type what ever you want here or leave it blank.

4. (optional) To help with search engine placement you can type some keywords for your web site, don't just put in any old rubbish, and make sure they are targeted to what your web site is doing. This is optional so you can leave it blank if you want.

5. (optional) You would type in a few words, around 20 is a good number, that tell people what to expect when they visit your web site, these listings would be seen in search engines before people click on your link to visit the site so try to make it sound interesting. This is optional so you can leave it blank if you want.

6. You have 2 choices here, "Frame Based Forwarding" and "Straight Redirection". Frame Based Forwarding is when you want someone to type in your domain name and see your site, but still has the domain name in the browser address bar. Straight Redirection is when you want someone to type in your domain name but be bounced away to another page, you use this option when say you have a bunch of domain names for a site but you only want people to visit via the main one.

7. Once you have made all your changes to the boxes above, press "Update Web Forwarding" and it will take instant effect.

The price quoted includes all registration fees for Nominet, domain server updates at Nominet, parking and re-delegation of TAG to another ISP's. You have nothing else to pay to secure your chosen domain name. Other services available on request. All prices inc. VAT - no hidden charges.

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